Backup and Recovery for Amazon Web Services 

  • Agentless cloud-native solution to backup AWS EC2 instances to the same region
  • Agent-based solution to backup AWS EC2 instances to Other public clouds or local data centers
  • Secondary backup copy in AWS S3 storage by leveraging AWS Storage Gateway
Backup & Recovery

Vembu Backup for AWS

Vembu BDR Suite performs agentless backups of your AWS EC2 instances by leveraging Amazon APIs to manage snapshots. By launching a Vembu BDR Backup Server instance in your AWS Account using the Vembu CloudFormation template, you can schedule backups of the instances running in the same account or in any other AWS Account.

You can back up the EC2 instances running in any region or availability zone in the AWS account and automatically set backup scheduling and snapshot retention. When required, you can instantly launch multiple copies of the same instance from a point-in-time or attach backup volumes to source instances by defining the attach behaviour.

Key Features of Vembu Backup for AWS


  • Agentless Cloud-Native Backup solution
  • Automatic Backup Scheduling
  • Application-aware processing and pre/post scripts
  • Instance and volume level recovery at near-zero recovery time objective (RTO)
Backup & Recovery

Backup AWS EC2 Instances to Other AWS Regions

Businesses with offices across the globe have AWS EC2 instances running across different regions and availability zones. With Vembu BDR Suite, you can back up EC2 instances from one AWS Region and store the backup data in another AWS region.


  • Deploy setting up Vembu BDR Backup Server in an EC2 instance running in the region where you want to store the backup
  • Install Vembu Client for Windows Image Backup to back up Windows server/workstation instances and Vembu Client for File & Application Backup for Linux instances
  • You can configure backup jobs from the Vembu Clients and all the backup data will be transferred over WAN and stored in the backup server in the target AWS Region
Backup & Recovery

Backup AWS EC2 Instances to other Public Clouds

With businesses looking to optimize their cloud expenditure by setting up instances across different public clouds like AWS, Azure, etc., you can protect your machines from data loss by backing up the machines from one public cloud to another.


  • For example, to back up AWS EC2 instances to Azure, you can install Vembu BDR Backup Server in an instance running Azure
  • Install Vembu Clients for Microsoft Windows (image backup) and File & Application Backup to back up your Windows, Linux and even mac instances from AWS
  • The backup data will be encrypted with the AES-256 encryption algorithm and transferred over WAN and stored in the Vembu BDR Backup Server installed in Azure
Backup & Recovery

Backup AWS EC2 Instances to your Data Center

Since many organizations are opting for hybrid cloud data centers, they are now having their infrastructure set up across on-premise and public clouds. This means it is necessary to have backups of the EC2 instances on-premise, to be able to quickly recover the machines in your local hardware in scenarios like datacenter outages.


  • You can install Vembu BDR Backup Server in your local server machine and install Vembu Clients in the EC2 instances to be backed up
  • Based on the backup job configuration, the EC2 instances will be backed up periodically to the local backup server
  • To back up local machines to EC2 instances, Vembu BDR Backup Server can be installed in AWS Cloud and the clients can be used to back up the local machines (physical or virtual)
Backup & Recovery

Store Secondary Offsite Copy in AWS S3 using Vembu Offsite DR

To meet the 3-2-1 backup strategy requirements, you can store the primary backup copy of your data (VMs, physical servers, workstations, files, and applications) in your local storage like physical or network storage and store the offsite copy in a public cloud like AWS or Azure.


  • This can be done by installing Vembu OffsiteDR in an AWS EC2 instance
  • By using S3 storage as the backup repository for the Offsite DR Server, you can have the DR copy of your backup data always available in Amazon S3
Backup & Recovery

Vembu Backup for AWS – Feature Highlights

Agentless Cloud-Native Backup

Vembu BDR Suite uses AWS APIs to backup your EC2 instances. This means, no agent needs to be installed in the target instances to perform backups.

Automatic Backup Scheduling

Protect your instances on a near-continuous basis by scheduling backups on a minute/hourly, daily or weekly basis and retain up to 10 point-in-time snapshots.

Application-Aware Processing

Get application-consistent backups of your Microsoft applications like MS Exchange Server and MS SQL by performing backups only when the writers are in a stable state.

Pre/Post Backup Scripts

Run custom scripts automatically before and after a backup job to prepare the application for the backup mode through pre-freeze and post-thaw operations.

Instance and Volume-level Recovery

Launch multiple EC2 instances from the same backup point and recover the required volumes from the backup data and attach it to the source instance.


Get exhaustive reports about the backup and recovery operations and explore the logs to get the step-by-step status of the operation performed.

Vembu BDR Suite – Feature Highlights

Full Disk Image Backup – Vembu uses VSS to take snapshots of the entire disk including the OS, applications and other data and backs up only the changed blocks to the BDR backup server during the incremental backup schedule.

File-level Backup – Backup files/folders from Windows, Linux, and Mac EC2 instances.

Application-level Backup – Backup MS applications like Microsoft Exchange servers, Exchange Mailboxes, SQL Database, SharePoint sites, and MySQL.

Changed Block Tracking – Using Vembu’s proprietary CBT driver, the changed blocks will be tracked and backed up during the incremental backup schedule.

Backup & Recovery
Backup & Recovery

Application-aware Image Backups – By ensuring the application writers are in a stable state when the backup is performed, the backup of MS applications like MS Exchange or MS SQL are application-consistent. Also, by automatically truncating the transaction logs after performing a successful backup the storage consumption is optimized.

Retention Policies – Basic and Advanced (GFS) retention policies help maintain multiple recovery points for data restoration and to effectively manage the backup data storage size.

Automated Backup Verification – Backed up Windows Servers and Workstations will be booted as a virtual machine every day with the latest recovery point available. The screenshots of the booted screen will be captured and emailed to the administrator to verify whether the backup data is bootable.

AWS EC2 Recovery – Vembu creates VHD, VHDX, VMDK and IMG virtual images for all backed up EC2 instances. So, using VHD/VHDX or VMDK you can restore the EC2 instances in other hypervisors or even other public clouds.

Instant Boot VM on Local Data Center – Backed up EC2 instances can be booted instantly in VMware, Hyper-V and KVM environments without any manual driver injections or conversion tool assistance.

Instant File Recovery – Individual files and folders of the EC2 instances can be instantly restored from the system image backup without restoring the whole machine.

Vembu Universal Recovery – Instantly recover individual application items from Microsoft Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory.

Backup & Recovery

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