Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Comprehensive, Affordable & Secure Backup Solution for Office 365

  • Backup Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars and OneDrive data
  • Backup entire domain or selected user data
  • Store backup data On-Premise or Vembu Cloud
  • Restore selected user mailbox or individual mails
  • Export to multiple formats like .PST, .EML, .VCF, .ICF and much more..

* Vembu Cloud Backup for office 365 is in beta, we recommend using it in a test environment

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Complete Protection for Office 365

Free Edition

Fully featured backup and recovery for your office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars – Limited to 10 users

No additional Cost!

Standard Edition

Protect your office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars and Onedrive for Business data at $1.50/mo. per user

No minimum purchase restriction!

Why do you need to backup Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a reliable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that ensures high availability and uptime access to its Office 365 suite. Microsoft does not back up your data, but it protects your Office 365 data in a shared-responsibility model. Microsoft will provide protection against an incident that may occur in its data centers and not designed to restore lost, deleted or compromised data quickly and easily. You are still responsible for additional data protection scenarios. Even when your data is hosted by Microsoft, it is your responsibility to maintain and secure your business data.

Microsoft’s Responsibility

Customer Responsibility

Vembu’s Responsibility

Security of the cloud Security of your Office 365 data in the cloud Robust and Secure data protection
Protect data loss against Infrastructure, Hardware, Software failures, and Power outages Protect data loss against Accidental deletion, Hackers , Ransomware, Malicious insiders, Departing users, and Deactivated accounts Protect your data with Backup, Versioning, Archiving, Retention, and Recovery
Provides basic compliance To meet the local compliance and legal requirements Helps in meeting all your compliance requirements with Data encryption, Integrity check, Data migration, Multiple data recovery, etc.,
Provides basic retention Make data available beyond the default retention period Provides customized retention for your backup data
Stores data only in Microsoft cloud To keep multiple copies for disaster management Options to store data On-Premise, public/private cloud, and Vembu cloud

Note: Vembu holds its cloud servers in AWS, where AWS ensures safeguarding of the data as per the GDPR and other compliances.

Vembu with 15+ years of experience in data protection, offers a reliable and easy to use backup solution for your Office 365 Mailboxes, Calendars, Contacts, and OneDrive items. You can backup the entire domain or individual user accounts to your On-Premise storage or Vembu Cloud. Vembu provides unlimited agentless and automatic backups, which ensures anytime access to your data. With Vembu, reduce unnecessary costs and keep your business running all the time.

Store your data anywhere – On-Premise or Vembu Cloud

With Vembu Office 365 Backup solutions, you are not restricted to any storage targets and can store your Office 365 business-critical data anywhere you need. Vembu offers versatile storage options to store your O365 data on-premise or in Vembu Cloud.


  • Store your data either on your local data center or in a hyper-scale public cloud (i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle cloud, etc)
  • Complete control of your Office 365 data
  • Vembu helps in meeting your local and legal compliances like GDPR, HIPAA,FIPS 140-2, etc.

Vembu Cloud (beta)

  • Store your Office 365 data in Vembu cloud
  • No setup and maintenance required
  • Vembu holds its cloud servers in AWS, where AWS ensures safeguarding of the data as per the GDPR compliance

Vembu Backup for Office 365 – Key Features

Backup your Office 365 Business data

  • Backup and restore data at the Domain level or individual user level
  • Backup and restore your Office 365 mailboxes and restore instantly
  • Backup and restore your items/ files from the Onedrive for Business
  • Backup and restore the contacts/people of your Office 365 user account
  • Backup and restore your events, tasks with Office 365 Calendar
  • Backup your Exchange Online by backing up email accounts including inbox, sent items, and other custom labels
Backup & Recovery
Backup & Recovery

Recover data anywhere and anytime

  • Recover entire Mailbox or at Folder-level
  • Restore data to the same or different user account
  • Restore lost, corrupted and permanently deleted O365 data to the same or different user accounts
  • Retrieve your data with in-built search
  • Granularly restore individual items, multiple items, or the entire folder
  • Leverage multiple export options like .eml, .vcf, and .icf formats including .pst for emails
  • Restore your OneDrive for Business folders with Folder Structure


  • Store your data on-premise or in Vembu Cloud
  • Replicate your business-critical data to any cloud object storage
  • Retain your data for any number of days with flexible retentions
  • Reuse the inactive office 365 license for the new user
  • Secure your data both in flight and storage with AES 256 bit encryption
  • Monitor your backup processes through reliable reports
  • Comply with legal requirements, policies, and regulations
Backup & Recovery

Vembu Backup for Office 365 – Free Edition

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365 free edition ensures complete protection to your Office 365 business-critical emails, contacts, and Calendars data with an easy-to-use and secure on-premise and cloud-to-cloud backup solution. Stay protected with Vembu Office 365 Backup – free edition and reduce the risk of losing your Office 365 data.

With Vembu, you can backup and restore your Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and Onedrive for Business at zero cost.

Edition Comparison

Compare the editions of Vembu Office 365 backup and choose what suits you best.

Office 365 Features

Vembu Office 365 Backup – Free Edition

Vembu Office 365 Backup – Standard Edition

Outlook Mail Backup Up to 10 users Unlimited users
Contacts and Calendar Backup Up to 10 users Unlimited users
OneDrive for Business backup Unlimited users
Support Vembu Community Forum 24/5 support
Pricing Free $1.50/mo. per user

Supported Platform for Office 365 Backup

  • Outlook Backup
  • Calendar Backup
  • Contact Backup
  • OneDrive Bacup
  • Exchange Online (coming soon…)
  • SharePoint Backup  (coming soon…)
  • Teams Backup  (coming soon…)

How Vembu Backup for Office 365 works?

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365 performs agentless, incremental, daily backups for your Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and OneDrive items by leveraging Microsoft’s Graph API. By adding your O365 domain with Vembu Office 365 backup, you schedule automated daily backups for your Office 365 data.

With Vembu Office 365 data, you can add any number of O365 domains and schedule any number of backups. You can store backup data either on-premise or in Vembu Cloud. Vembu offers cross user retrieval where data can be restored to another user account.

Backup & Recovery


Backup & Recovery

Domain or User-level backup

Vembu Office 365 backup lets you configure domain level or user level backups for your office 365 account. With Vembu you can:

  • Configure backups for a single or multiple O365 domains
  • Configure multiple backup jobs for a single Office 365 domain
  • Backup entire users or selected user accounts
  • Restore emails individually, or at folder-level or the entire mailbox from the backed-up user data

Agentless Backup

Vembu Office 365 backup data is an agentless solution that simplifies the management and maintenance of your O365 data. Vembu office 365 backup provides the scalability and flexibility required by agile businesses. The agentless solution has many advantages, including:

  • Simplified administrator
  • Greater control and flexibility
  • LAN free Backup
  • Faster backup and restore
Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery


Backup Office 365 Mails

Vembu Backup for Office 365 is a secure and robust backup solution for your Outlook mailboxes. With Vembu Office 365 backup, you can:

  • Backup files with attachments
  • Backup complete mailbox hosted in office 365 with attachments
  • Automatically protect new O365 users using incremental backup
  • Restore backup data to the same user or different users’ mailboxes
  • Restore single email, folder-level or entire mailbox of the backed-up user
  • Reuse the inactive office 365 license for the new user
  • Export the mailboxes in .pst and .eml file formats

Backup Office 365 Calendars

Vembu backup for office 365, lets you backup the calendar items such as events, meetings, and appointments from your O365 account. With Vembu, you can:

  • Schedule automated daily backups for calendars
  • Restore calendar events to the same user or different user account
  • Store your calendar events either locally or at Vembu cloud
  • Export the calendars into .icf file format
Backup & Recovery
Backup & Recovery

Backup Office 365 Contacts

Vembu Office 365 backup, protects your contact or people’s information. Customer contact information is very sensitive, and losing such data might cost you a lot. With Vembu you can:

  • Export the contact into Vcard (.vcf) format
  • Store your contact anywhere you want
  • Search and restore your office 365 contacts
  • Restore entire or selected contacts granularly

Backup OneDrive

Protect your OneDrive data with Vembu office 365 backup. With Vembu, you can:

  • Backup Onedrive for business data like documents, folders – including photos, videos, etc
  • Save your time and efforts with flexible retention
  • Configure automated daily backups for single users or entire organizations
  • Granularly search and select the OneDrive files for restore
  • Store the data anywhere – On-Premise or in the Vembu Cloud
  • Restore OneDrive data into the same or different user accounts
Backup & Recovery
Backup & Recovery

Meeting 3-2-1 backup strategy

The 3-2-1 backup rule helps to mitigate the risk of your O365 data by keeping:

  • 3 copies of your backup data
  • 2 different storage
  • 1 copy of the data off-site

Vembu helps organizations fulfill all the requirements for the 3-2-1 backup strategy and goes beyond those requirements by offering automated processes to safeguard the environment seamlessly.

Backup Exchange Online data (Coming Soon…)

Vembu provides data protection for the critical Exchange Online components, including mail, calendars, contacts, etc. with Vembu, you can:

  • Protect your Exchange Online by backing up email accounts including inbox, sent items, and other custom labels
  • Backup files with attachments
  • Schedule automated daily backups with flexible retention
  • Restore mail and Outlook data anywhere and anytime, even export a PST on demand
  • Restore data to the same or different user account
Backup & Recovery

SharePoint Backup (Coming Soon…)

Vembu ensures that your SharePoint data is secure and accessible. Vembu SharePoint backup takes a copy of your SharePoint data, including documents, files, folders, shared folders, images, photos, etc., and stores them on-premise. Vembu SharePoint backup for small and medium-sized businesses is easy to use and affordable solution with enterprise-level features.

Teams Backup (Coming Soon…)

Microsoft Teams has soon become the go-to messaging and file sharing platform used by many organizations around the world. Vembu ensures that the critical files are backed up and protected in Teams. With Vembu, you can safely back up, manage, restore, and protect teams along with other Office 365 essential items such as emails, contacts, schedules, and OneDrive for business.

Entire Mailbox or Folder-level Recovery

Vembu Office 365 backup allows users to restore entire mailboxes, or to recover only folders of the backed-up users. Vembu provides the option to

  • Restore all the emails listed on this page
  • Restore the selected folders like inbox, sent, deleted, junk, etc.
  • Restore all folders

Cross-user Restore

Vembu office 365 backup allows admin users to restore backup data either to the original user account (from which the data backed up) or to a different user account within the same domain.

The cross-user restoration feature can help the admins to transfer the office 365 data during on-boarding and off-boarding employees in the organization.

Granular-level Recovery

Vembu Office 365 backup provides full visibility to your O365 mails, contacts, drives, and calendars. Vembu performs advanced granular searches and easily restores permanently deleted items without restoring the entire mailboxes. With Vembu, you can:

  • Search and export selected items
  • Restore lost, corrupted and permanently deleted o365 data to the same or different user accounts
  • Export mailbox in .pst format

Search and Retrieve Items

Vembu allows you to search the emails, attachments, and OneDrive files by providing keywords and restoring exactly what you need when you need it. With Vembu, you can

  • Search and locate missing or deleted items including mail attachments and emails in your Outlook, OneDrive and recycle bins.
  • Granularly restore individual items, multiple items, or the entire folder.
  • Leverage multiple exp

One-Click Restore

Vembu Office 365 backup provides one-click restore for your mails, contacts, drives, and calendars.

With Vembu you can restore the O365 mail, items, and attachments back to the same user or different user o365 account.

Point-in-time Recovery

With Vembu, you can enjoy absolute flexibility in restoring your data from any point-in-time. Vembu, with its daily automatic backup, provides a list of recovery points, and versions for your office 365 data. Find the restore point when your data was in a perfect state and restore it directly to your tenant.

Multiple Export including .PST

Vembu supports multiple export options for your O365 data. With Vembu you can export the mail, contacts and mails items into .pst .eml, .vcf, and .icf formats. The Extracted PST file is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and Outlook 2007, etc.

Restore with Folder Structure

Vembu office365 Backup maintains the folder structure while backing up the folders from your Office 365 data. Vembu preserves the entire folder hierarchy of your office 365 data during restoring those folders from the backup. Vembu is also working on retaining the permission of the file and folders, and the feature will be out soon.


Disaster Recovery

Office 365 backups mainly used for retrieving a few emails, or maybe just one mailbox. But, where you need to put the entire environment back in that well-known state, you need to think of backup software that includes disaster recovery. Microsoft office 365 does not protect your data against data loss events such as internal or external security threats, accidental deletion, compliance, and ransomware. But, Vembu protects your data by providing the option of replicating a copy of your O365 data in any cloud object storage like

  • AWS S3
  • Azure Blob
  • IBM cloud
  • Other compatible S3 providers

High Scalability

Vembu Office 365 backup gives you the flexibility to scale your business while minimizing the operational costs. With Vembu you can

  • Unlimited storage support through pooling SAN, NAS, local drives and hard drives
  • Scale-out or scale in users, by easily adding or removing their assigned license
  • Archive data of users who have left the organizations
  • Automatically protect new users
  • Reassign the used licenses to the new users

Preview Mails

The Vembu Office 365 backup provides a complete preview of your o365 accounts. With Vembu, you can

  • Search and view emails and items from the backed-up data
  • Preview and restore their mails, mail attachments, contacts, calendars, and one drive items

Secure Data Transfer

Vembu Office 365 backup provides built-in AES 256-bit encryption for advanced data. The AES 256 algorithm is used to encrypt and decrypt data over the Internet and is used to protect your backup data both in flight and at rest. This securely protects your data against hackers, intruders, and other cyber threats.

Affordable pricing

Vembu provides competitive pricing to protect your office 365 business data. Vembu offers Extremely affordable pricing, with multiple editions, to help cut costs on data protection.

  • Subscription license is a fully-featured paid licensing model that includes monthly, yearly and multi-year (1, 2, 3 & 5) commitment with complete features
  • Perpetual licensing is a fully-featured, single fee (one time payment) licensing model. Vembu Perpetual licensing comes with free maintenance and support for the first year

Technical support

Vembu ensures Customer satisfaction.We operate round the clock to provide instant technical support. Vembu Technical support entitles you with the following advantages:

  • Full time access to our online Knowledgebase
  • 24/5 support through email or phone
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time

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