Cloud Disaster Recovery

Replicate your business data to secure Vembu Cloud

Vembu BDR Suite offers the most cost-effective cloud disaster recovery solution for small and medium sized businesses that can recover complete VM, physical machine, application and an individual file locally and across the WAN in minutes. Hence, the SMBs not having their own disaster recovery site can replicate to Vembu Cloud for data redundancy and disaster recovery purpose.

Backup & Recovery

Data Center Backup made easy

Vembu BDR Suite can backup virtual and physical machines along with applications and data locally and replicate additional copy of backup data to Vembu Cloud.

VMware Backup – Agentless VMware Backup and Replication helps to backup entire VMware ESXi host and vCenter server

Disk Image Backup – For physical Windows Servers, Workstations and other VMs running in different hypervisors such as Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox, you can install an agent inside the machine and backup entire machine. Image Level Backup for Windows Desktops and Laptops are absolutely FREE!

Application Backup – allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, Outlook, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle.

Hyper-V Backup – Agentless Hyper-V backup ensures complete data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

File Backup – Vembu offers legacy backup solution to backup the important file/folders from Windows, Linux and Mac.

Backup & Recovery

Highlights of Vembu CloudDR

Restore Anytime, Anywhere – Restore your VM data, physical machine, applications and files anytime, anywhere from Vembu Cloud console.

HIPAA and Other compliance – Vembu Cloud complies to the industry-recognized certifications and audits such as PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II in safely processing, storing and securing data.

End-to-end encryption – Backup data is encrypted before leaving your data center and stored in encrypted format in Vembu Cloud. So, the backup data is encrypted at-fly and at-rest.

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