Vembu Backup for G Suite (beta)

Secure your G-Suite data with Vembu’s on-premise solution by backing up G Suite users emails, contacts, calendars, and drives to local storage.

Backup & Recovery

Data backup for G-Suite using Vembu

On-premise deployment

Choose how frequently incremental backups are to be performed from the flexible scheduling options available.

G Suite Backup

Add Domain account to configure backups either at the domain level or at user level for G Suite data

Gmail Backup

Protect your Gmail by backing up emails which include inbox, sent items, and other custom labels

Google Drive Backup

Backup and recover Google Drive files like photos, pdf, text documents, spreadsheets, forms, etc

Contacts and Calendar Backup

Backup the contacts and calendar in G-Suite user account

Automatic scheduling

Set a schedule for the backups and run automatic incremental post completion of the first full backup

File retention

Retain multiple copies of your Google Drive files and retrieve them based on the time-stamp as per your requirement

View emails

Easily search and view the emails from the mailboxes of the backed-up G Suite user accounts

Restore mails

Restore individual mail or group of mails to the same or different user account in the same domain

Secure data transfer

Your data is secured at flight and rest through inbuilt AES-256 encryption which safeguards data from unauthorized access


Detailed reports of Office 365 backups let you keep track of each backup jobs

Are you a Service Provider?

Grow your revenue by offering BaaS and DRaaS using Vembu BDR Suite. Built for CSPs, MSPs, HSPs and other Solution / Service Providers with multi-tenancy, centralized monitoring and reporting features.

Backup G-Suite data to Vembu Cloud


Maintain high availability for your G Suite user data by backing up to Vembu Cloud and restore it from anywhere at any time

Backup & Recovery

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