Offsite DR

Additional data protection to ensure business continuity

Why choose Offsite DR?

The security of your primary backup server is crucial to the availability of your business. When primary server becomes inaccessible, your business becomes vulnerable. This vulnerability can be addressed by using Offsite DR, which takes care of the Disaster Recovery needs of any business. Offsite DR provides extended data protection to your critical business data by replicating them from production site to offsite data center, which will safeguard your business during unexpected disasters.

Are you a Service Provider?

Grow your revenue by offering BaaS and DRaaS using Vembu BDR Suite. Built for CSPs, MSPs, HSPs and other Solution / Service Providers with multi-tenancy, centralized monitoring and reporting features.

Feature Highlights of Offsite DR

Live Data Transfer

Data is transferred immediately to the offsite server when it is received by the primary server. The communication between servers is so seamless that the Offsite DR Server is updated instantaneously. This helps businesses ensure that no data loss occurs in the offsite server.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Rebuild your on-premise server from scratch after a disaster with minimal downtime using the data from their offsite server.

Bandwidth throttling

Optimize your network usage by limiting the bandwidth utilization of your primary backup server for a period of time during data replication to an offsite data center.

WAN Optimization

The backed up data is compressed, encrypted and de-duplicated before being replicated to the offsite server. This effectively reduces the amount of data sent over the network.

Highly Secure AES 256 Bit Encryption

Data replicated to the Offsite DR server is highly secure and reliable. With the acclaimed AES 256 bit encryption, data is kept highly secured during replication and also at rest.

Quick VM Recovery

Instantly recover the replicated image data of your Physical or Virtual machine as a ready state VM in VMware ESXi or Hyper-V server directly from the Offsite DR.

Live VM Recovery

Permanently restore the replicated backup data of the virtual machine as a full VM on a VMware ESXi or Hyper-V server directly from the Offsite DR.

Bare-Metal Restore

Restore the replicated data of the physical servers from Offsite DR server directly to source or new hardware using Vembu Recovery CD.

30 Days of Free Trial

Download the 30-day free trial to explore the full functionality of the Vembu BDR Suite.